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4 Ways to Remain Working During the Pandemic

The birth of the 2019 pandemic changed how we are supposed to work. Here are some ways for you and I to remain working despite the lock downs!

1. Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter will help you to keep advertising and marketing your products and services to several audiences, even when companies have closed and streets are empty. WHY? Apparently, more people are using the social media to access information about COVID19, than ever before. This could be a great chance for you to market yourself as well.

2. Handle Communications through Email, What’s-app or Skype

It’s kind of scary and risky to move around the city and navigate into your office! Besides this, different governments have put out strict rules for every office to follow which might be too expensive for you. If you handle meetings physically with several people, whether workmates or clients, you will be availing yourself to become a victim of #COVID19 during this time. Therefore, you can utilize the communication channels that I listed above to keep in touch with everyone.

3. Make Business Transactions using EFT or Mobile Money

In case a client wants to pay for your products and services, but let’s say; your office is closed or; it’s simply risky for them to meet you and cash you out, you can use EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or Mobile Money. I supposedly think that every bank anywhere in the World has this function. If your bank doesn’t enable EFT or Mobile phone transactions, kindly switch to another bank before tragedy mounts.

4. Keep your Website Active

Avail all the necessary information on your website, that clients might need to know about your Company or Organization. This will help them get answers to questions they would ask about your products and services. Do not forget to use your online means such as, the social media and website to disseminate information that informs and educates people in the fight against COVID19.

This article was written by Izaac Wambi, a Media and ICT Innovations Expert, a Founder and CEO of Activemakes. He uses Media and Information Communication Technologies to make the World a good place for everyone on the face of the earth.