Information Technology

Systems Administrator

Main purpose of the post:
Main purpose is to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of the institute’s IT infrastructure.
This includes managing servers, networks, and software applications to ensure smooth functioning
and availability for students, faculty, and staff. Overseeing troubleshooting technical issues,
implementing security measures, performing system upgrades, and providing technical support to
users and optimizing Institute IT Systems.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
a) Design, develop, implement and coordinate systems, policies and procedures
b) Development and overseeing the implementation of the ICT strategy and enterprise architecture
c) Plan, organize, control and evaluate IT and electronic data operations/systems.
d) Research, evaluate purchases, install, Design, configure, and test computer hardware, network
and operating system software.
e) Manage multiple servers, workstations, and terminals, ensuring proper integration of these
components with existing Institute computer systems.
f) Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures in order to protect data, software
and hardware.
g) Conduct growth analysis, capacity planning, develop capital and operating budget proposals.
h) Provides advice and technical support to various users regarding specific operational/applications
i) Design and develop methods and procedures for collecting, organizing, interpreting, and
classifying data for input and/or retrieval.
j) Develop and implement various training and instruction programs for users including students on
the use of operating systems, networking, applications, and databases.
k) Supervise other network support and client server specialists.
l) Compile and maintain inventory of the network resources including hardware and software.

Key Results Areas
a) Development, installation, administration, troubleshooting, and maintenance of network
b) Establishment of data security and disaster recovery systems
c) Development and maintenance of capital and operating budgets and hardware inventory.
d) Establishment, implementation, and enforcement of information systems policies within the
network system environment
e) Supervision of network support staff.

Person Specifications
A. Qualification/Training/experience:
i. A Bachelor’s degree and Master’s qualification in Information and Communication Technology
discipline from a recognized institution of higher learning with at least three-years experience
in a similar position in a reputable organization.
ii. Must be a holder of an ICT professional certification such as MCSE, ITIL, MCSA etc.
iii. 2-5 years working in IT operations
iv. Experience in leading and managing large IT projects and rolling out ICT infrastructure across
various technologies
v. Excellent working knowledge of computer systems, security, network and systems
administration, databases and data storage systems and phone systems.

Apply Now

Candidates that qualify can send their cover letter, CV and acvademic documents to not later than 5th June 2024.