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  • Work as direct by his immediate superior
  • Maintain working areas, tools, equipment and safety harnesses in a safe clean, tidy and orderly manner
  • Be familiar with the entire mud system, the safe operation and maintenance of same
  • Be familiar with pipe-racking system and how to properly operate same
  • Be familiar with pipe tripping operations and how to safely handle and operate all tools and equipment
  • Keep up the mud pump log reports on his shift
  • Keep the Driller informed as to the consistency of the mud and the general condition of the pumps and mud room.
  • Be safely conscious in all his work and behaviour and use compulsory protective equipment
  • Report any and all safety hazards to his immediate superior
  • Ensure all orders received verbally or in writing are fully understood and adhered to at all time
  • Participate in all safety drills and safety meetings held on-board
  • Be familiar with all the relevant work and safety procedures issued by Ocean Rig AS and by the Operator, and promote the implementation of same
  • Be familiar with the alarm instructions/”Station Bill” and accordingly know his lifeboat position and all other applicable duties during safety drills and in an emergency situation
  • Carry out his duties according to the Emergency and Contingency Manual when needed


  • Relevant practice from submersible or drillship
  • Trained Roughneck with minimum 6 months practice in this position
  • He shall have a valid health certificate
  • He must have good knowledge of the English language, both oral and written
  • Fluent in Portuguese
  • Professional communication in English will be minimum requirement.
How to Apply

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Application Deadline

13th June 2024